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Time to Lighten the Mood…


As the world is starting to slowly open again and we’re getting used to the new normal, we can afford turn our attention to less serious matters.

Like the fact that Husqvarna are now giving Automower owners the opportunity to makeover their mowers with their exciting new Husqvarna Automower® Skins, yay!

The sets are available in 5 standard designs: ladybird, zebra, camo, geomap or the very meta lawn design (so let me get this straight, it’s a mower that looks like grass, actually cutting grass… mind blown💥), but you can also create bespoke and personalised designs of every conceivable style, and some inconceivable ones too. Fancy making your mower look like a cougar (rrrrrr) or even a portion of chips (nom)?



Husqvarna clearly recognise that we all need a bit of light relief after the bleakness of the last few months, and while the standard Automower® models already feature timeless iconic design, this new personalisation option gives your lucky mower the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd.

These are so new that they are currently only available by contacting us directly (either by phone or email), but they will be added to our online shop from Summer 2020!


Go on, express yourself!