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Design your lawn Zone by Zone

It seems like only yesterday that robotic lawn mowers were the latest new thing. But while we at Autolawn were one of the earliest UK companies to bring robotic lawn mowers to the people back in 2016, our 6 years of living and breathing robotic lawn mowers is nothing compared to industry leading manufacturers Husqvarna.

Husqvarna has been ahead of the curve since day one. Their Automower® brand remains the best-selling robotic lawnmower, as they continue to innovate and find new ways of making lawn mowing more convenient, efficient, and sustainable.

No surprise then that their latest technological advancement has everyone in the industry talking.

What is Automower® Intelligent Mapping Technology (AIM)?

No two lawns are the same. And while all robotic lawnmower paths are customisable via the placement and location of the boundary/guide wires, once the mower is installed it will simply mow within the boundary.

The latest technology from Husqvarna (AIM) allows users to design a completely bespoke mowing schedule, creating different zones which will be mowed at different times, to different lengths or even completely avoided.

How does AIM work?

The new AIM technology has several phases. Initially the mower will do a complete track of the garden using sensors and GPS, dividing the garden into a grid of 30x30cm squares.

Each square contains data detailing potential collisions and slopes. Automower® then creates a virtual map of the garden which can be viewed by the user on the Automower® connect map. This shows the position of the mower and the position of the boundary and guidewires.

The user can then create work areas on the map, applying custom cutting times and heights to each area, or stay out zones where the Automower® will not mow.

Automower® Zone Control means that you can create a customised cut that is perfectly designed for your particular garden.

How to get started with AIM

AIM is compatible with Automower® 405, 415X, 435X AWD and 535 AWD. It will be updated on your mower automatically, and once updated your mower will begin to map your lawn. This can take up to two weeks, but no need to keep an eye on it, the Automower® Connect app will notify you once the process is complete. You can then view the map within the app and create the zones that suit you.

To find out more about whether Automower® AIM is available on your current mower, just give us a call.

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