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The Nation’s Favourite Mower Just Got A Reboot!

Husqvarna’s most popular models for medium gardens, the Automower® 310 and 315, have been busy in gardens all over the world for many years now, and quickly became firm favourites with garden owners. Famed for their ability to handle gardens with more complex layouts and working come rain or shine, the 310 and 315x have been a hit since they were first released in 2016.


Still offering best in class stats for affordability and function, the 310 and 315 have had a makeover and we are now proud to offer the 310 and 315 Mark II, just in time for 2022 mowing season.

Able to make short work of lawns of up to 1000m2 and 1500m2 respectively, the 310 and 315 can handle slopes of up to 40% and both boast a triple-search function, which finds the fastest way back to the charging station when it needs an energy boost.

The iconic Automower® design has a fresh look, and both mowers also have a frost sensor, which interrupts the mowing schedule in the event of frosty conditions, this protects the lawn from damage.

Husqvarna Automower® patented Automatic Passage Handling system means that the mower automatically senses narrow passages and finds its way even through the smallest passages, making this machine quick and nimble even in complex gardens.

And as you know with Automower® you can have full control of your mower from your smartphone.


Top features of the brand new 310 Mark II and 315 Mark II

  • For lawns of up to 1000m2 and 1500m2
  • Systematic passage mowing – automatically switch between random and systematic mowing modes in narrow passages
  • Easy clean – just hose the exterior
  • Frost guard – protect the grass from mowing when it’s at its most fragile
  • Weather timer – adjust mowing times according to lawn growth rate, maximising the health of your lawn and reducing wear and tear on the machine
  • Patented Automatic Passage Handling – senses small passages automatically and effortlessly navigates through
  • Slopes up to 40%
  • 3 remote start points – start the mower from any 3 locations along the guide wire
  • Flexible charging station placement
  • Spiral cutting – for evening out grass height differences
  • Spot cutting – quickly mow a limited area of longer grass
  • Profiles – share the mower between several locations
  • Replaceable top covers – Personalise the mower to suit you with assorted colour covers
  • Electric powered – no emissions, completely silent, low energy consumption
  • Anti-theft protection – alarm and pin code
  • Safety features – lift and tilt sensor, the mower will cut out if lifted or tilted
  • Scheduling – set the mower to mow your lawn when is most convenient for you

Spring has certainly sprung and with it, lawns all over the UK are needing our attention. And while there’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass, there’s also nothing quite like not having to lift a finger to get it! That’s where we come in!

If you’d like to find out more about the brand new Automower® 310 and 315 Mark II, get in touch now and book a free, no obligation site consultation where we can assess your garden and recommend the right mower for you.

Ready to start your stress free lawn life?