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Breakthrough new technology for husqvarna Automower® with NERA

Husqvarna have been leading the way in robotic lawnmowers for over 25 years, and they have just changed the game again with the launch of their new NERA series.

Until now, most robotic lawnmowers have been guided by a boundary wire system. The boundary wire is buried around the perimeter of the lawn, and any large objects like sheds or flower beds, and the mower uses this to navigate the areas it needs to cut.

Ever pioneers in the industry, Husqvarna have just launched the first consumer available boundary wire free robotic lawnmowers, the NERA series.

Powered by Husqvarna’s exclusive satellite navigation system, EPOS™, the NERA Automowers® can operate with a precision of 2-3 cm, and cope with very rough terrain. Not only that, they can handle slopes of up to 50%, the only other Automower® capable of this is the AWD 435X (which is designed for particularly challenging terrain and can do 70%).

For the average homeowner, the Automower® NERA series is a look into the future, with no need to install a perimeter wire. The mowing area is set by the owner using their smartphone, and they can set multiple cutting areas with different criteria for each zone, and like all Automowers® it will steer away from objects left on the lawn. An added benefit of NERA though, is the ability to set temporary stay-out zones to protect seasonal flowers, or where children are playing.

NERA is the latest development in three of Husqvarna flagship models, the 450X, 430X and the 320, providing a high tech option for people with lawns from 2200 to 5000 square metres.

The installation of a NERA Automower® is very different to the installation method of other mowers. While it doesn’t require a boundary wire, it does require an EPOS™ plug-in kit, which includes the Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in and Husqvarna EPOS™ Reference station. These provide the mower with the necessary satellite reference technology to operate without boundary wires.

Husqvarna have been using EPOS in the professional segment for over two years, so the technology is already well-proven, and now looks to pave the way for consumer robotic lawnmowers.

Available from March onwards, the NERA series is going to be a huge change for the industry, challenging the established ways of working. Providing huge amounts of flexibility, we recommend the NERA series for anyone with complex gardens, or who like to have an adaptable garden routine.

The Husqvarna Automower® range offers something for every garden though, from the little 105 for gardens of up to 600 metres squared, through to the 450X for large gardens of up to 5000 metres.

The NERA series is an incredible piece of technology but all gardens, and all homeowners, are different. Don’t forget that we offer a free, no obligation on-site consultation. Arrange a convenient time for us to pop over and assess your garden, and we will recommend the right mower for you and your lawn.

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