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Looking after your Automower® This Winter

Your Automower® works tirelessly throughout the year, and as we approach the Christmas season, now’s the perfect time to book your annual servicing. As the growth of your grass slows down, you have an opportunity to get your robotic lawn mower in tiptop shape for next season, and Husqvarna has a gift for those who book their winter service with us.

And don’t forget those who purchase their Automower® from Autolawn qualify for Warranty Plus! An exclusive offer for valued customers that shows our confidence in Husqvarna’s products, the addition of Warranty Plus means 5 years total warranty on your robotic lawn mower.


What is a winter service?

A winter service is like getting an MOT for your car, and your robotic lawn mower is an equally complex and hardworking machine. Simply drop your Automower® off with a Husqvarna dealer like Autolawn, and we’ll perform a thorough clean and run diagnostics to identify any potential issues.

Here are just a few things an Autolawn service typically involves:

·        Internal and external clean

·        Battery maintenance or replacement

·        Charging station cleaning and maintenance

·        Replace rotating blades

·        Replace solid blades

·        Wheel maintenance

·        Safe winter storage


We’ll also install any required software updates and replace worn parts where needed, ensuring your Automower® performs perfectly come springtime. And if you’re interested in an all-inclusive stay for your mower, we can look after it until the cold winter months are over. Give us a call today to arrange your service and mower hotel.


Benefits of regularly servicing your robotic lawn mower

Servicing your robotic lawn mower at least once a year is essential to get the most out of the product and ensure it performs like new for the longest possible time. Many customers rely on their mower for commercial purposes or to keep their residential lawns looking pristine.

This means keeping your Automower® in the best possible shape so it can do its job effectively. It’s also important to store your mower appropriately according to the seasons, such as keeping it dry and frost-free during winter. Autolawn can take care of both storage and servicing, removing all the hassle of maintenance.


I didn’t buy my robotic mower from Autolawn, can I still get the service?

Yes! We’re happy to help. All robotic lawn mowers need an annual service, and Autolawn can look after your device, whether it’s Husqvarna or another brand. You won’t qualify for Husqvarna’s Warranty Plus, but the company you purchased from may offer some similar warranty options. To keep your mower operating at its full potential and to maximise the value you get from it over its lifetime, keeping up with regular servicing is essential. 

Give the team a call today to arrange a service for your Automower® or any other robotic lawn mower brands.

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