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Don’t just take our Word for it…

Here at Autolawn, we love robotic lawn mowers, of course we do! But because we’re already obsessed by them, and everyone knows it, we’re sort of biased.

So we thought it might be interesting to talk to a fairly recent convert who can share her experience with robotic lawn mowers. Our lovely client Melissa Poulter kindly agreed to speak to me about how having a robotic lawn mower has changed her gardening life.

Melissa has had her Husqvarna Automower® for around five months now. She named it Husky, “he’s a surrogate dog really!” she says, echoing one of the things we hear frequently from owners of robotic lawn mowers, that they do become part of the family!


Melissa’s garden is complex, and exceptionally large with steep banks which previously required a huge amount of work to maintain. And, while she used a ride on mower for the rest of her garden, the steep banks had to be tackled with a motorised push mower, which was time consuming and impractical.

Melissa had already narrowed down her choice of robotic lawn mower to Husqvarna Automower®, having done extensive homework and fallen in love with what Husqvarna Automower® could do in large spaces and on slopes. She knew her garden would command an AWD (All Wheel Drive) model, so as soon as the AWD 435X was released she gave us a call. James visited to have a look at her garden, and then returned with his own 435X AWD to test it out on the slopes, which of course it tackled with ease.

Melissa appreciated the extra care James took to ensure that she was getting exactly what she needed. “I think James is fantastic and would recommend him without hesitation, because not only did he come to visit the garden to begin with, he actually came back again and trialled his own 435X to show that it was going to do what I needed it to do, which was tackle the slopes. He was fantastic.”


Before her Automower®, maintaining the lawn also generated a huge amount of grass clippings which had to be dealt with. “We had piles of grass everywhere, now there’s none of the emptying piles of grass into the corner of your garden, because it’s always just remulching all the time.” The Automower® cuts clippings up into tiny pieces and distributes them back onto the lawn, providing the ultimate fertiliser to keep the grass healthy.


And while Melissa acknowledges the initial investment of an Automower®, she feels it’s worth it, because the performance outweighs that of her ride on mower which couldn’t handle the slopes. “Oh its infinitely better, and much, much cheaper to service too,” she says.

When I asked her if there was anything that has surprised her about being a robotic lawn mower owner, she replied “How easy it is to operate, using the app it’s really easy to schedule. And how well it cuts, it’s just made a huge difference to the garden and the quality of the lawn.” Husqvarna Automower® can be controlled using their smartphone app, Connect, which allows you to schedule cuts as well as check status, battery level and usage statistics.

Melissa is now the envy of her friends too, “Family and friends who have seen it have been amazed!”

But, for Melissa, the best part is the time saving. “In the growing season it’s probably saving 10 hours of work a week at least, because I’ve got all these embankments which previously had to be done with a push mower, but now Husky takes care of it.” Imagine what you could do with an extra 10 hours a week…


For more information about how Autolawn and Husqvarna can give you more time and a gorgeous garden, give us a call today on 0300439676!