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How to Store your Robotic Lawnmower for the Winter

Brrrrrr! It’s starting to get chilly and that means it’s time to put away those garden tools and hole up for the winter. But don’t pick up the hot chocolate too soon, your robotic lawn mower needs a bit of love first.

Robotic lawnmowers aren’t happy being left outside in the winter. The combination of damp and frost can be lethal to robotic lawnmowers and render them useless. Think of them like hedgehogs, they need to hibernate somewhere warm and safe.

Now is a perfect time to undertake a bit of maintenance to ensure that when your robotic lawnmower comes out of hibernation, it’s fresh and ready to make your lawn gorgeous in time for spring.



Batteries should not be exposed to freezing temperatures so try and block out some time to pack up your mower before the frost hits. In the UK this is around November, but keep an eye on the local weather forecast and ensure that your mower is snuggled into storage before winter starts.


Your mower can be stored in a shed or garage, or anywhere it will be protected from the elements. It must be kept dry and horizontal. Do not attempt to hang your mower on the wall or store it on its side, this will damage the battery.


The process of winter storage is the same for all makes and models of robotic mower.

Begin by fully charging the robotic mower and then disconnect the base station. The perimeter wire remains in place. Ensure that the ends of the perimeter wire are protected by covering them using brightly coloured insulating tape (this will make them easier to find in the spring) or a manufacturer recommended wire protection box. Give the base station a good clean with a soft dry brush to remove any clippings or soil.

Clean the mower using a soft damp cloth, and ensure that any clippings have been removed. DO NOT use a hose or pressure washer, as the excess water could damage the wiring. You can use a vacuum cleaner as long as the mower and clippings are dry, but be mindful of wires and connections.

Carefully check the condition of the blades, and if they need to be replaced either change them yourself or contact your supplier. We recommend that you wear gloves while cleaning and checking the blades to avoid injury.

Consider booking in a service before the spring rush. An annual service will keep your robotic mower running smoothly and your service provider will clean and check your mower from top to bottom as well as ensure your software is updated.

Once your mower is clean as a new pin you can store the mower and base station together in a place where you will easily find them in the spring.


Most brands of robotic lawnmowers will not need any further maintenance between now and Spring time. However, some manufacturers recommend that the battery is fully charged every three months, check your instruction booklet or ask your supplier. Set a reminder on your calendar now if you need to charge your battery during the winter months.

If you follow our step by step guide your mower will be ready to make your lawn beautiful again in the springtime. Now, where’s that hot chocolate?