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AutoLawn at Henley Show!

Last weekend Autolawn made their show debut, with a stand at the 2017 Henley Show. It was so exciting to get out and share our love of robotic lawnmowers with a whole new audience, and we hope that Henley will be the first of many show appearances.





It was a long day, involving a huge amount of effort by Ali and James who arrived at 7am to set up the gazebo and make the stand look lovely, and the entire team really enjoyed chatting to show-goers and answering their questions throughout the day.














But by far the star of the day was Bert, our showbot (show robot), who whiled away the day moving around his little pen (fencing for visual purposes only) and making everyone fall in love with him. People walking past couldn’t help but stop and be mesmerized by Bert and be amazed at what a robotic lawnmower can do, and the kids loved watching him and finding out how he worked.


The weather was fantastic until about 330pm, when the sky opened and poured first with rain and then hail, so we made a run for the gazebo. Our dryness didn’t last long though, we were soon back out in the rain chatting to customers stopping to admire Bert’s perseverance, who continued through the hail valiantly (yes, many robotic lawnmowers continue to mow in all weathers!).

Sharing our passion for robotic lawnmowers was such a joy that we can’t wait to do it all again at the next show. Watch this space for details on where we will be next!

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