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(A Belated) Happy New Year!

A very belated Happy New Year from all the team at Autolawn!

So now that we’re into 2018 proper and all the festivities are behind us (how did that happen?), you might have forgotten about your friendly robotic mower tucked away in storage for the cold winter months.

It’s now time to give him or her a little TLC before the grass growing season is upon us.

Your mower has done some great work for you throughout the last year, and now is the time to reward him by ensuring he is in tip-top condition before the mowing season begins again in March (that’s only two months away!).

Husqvarna recommend that all their machines are serviced every year by a specialist service provider. Attempting to service your own mower isn’t advised, because:

·        It invalidates your warranty

·        Something might be damaged

·        It could be dangerous to you (or leave the mower unstable)

But don’t worry, Autolawn are Husqvarna specialists and we’re ready and waiting for your call!

Servicing your robotic mower will help ensure that you get another season of faithful hard work, and a perfect lawn throughout the summer. Your grass doesn’t grow during the winter, so taking care of servicing now is a good idea. This way, your mower will be ready for hard work once your lawn is growing like billy-o.

What’s included in a service?

·        Checking condition and cleaning the charging cable connectors

·        Checking blades and blade screws and replacing if necessary

·        Checking condition of the chassis sealing strips and ventilation filter, and replacing if necessary

·        Using Automower workshop software to complete a full check of the sensor and all components to make sure they are working correctly

·        Confirming that the battery is working at capacity

·        Making sure that the software is up to date, and checking service bulletins for any recommended updates

·        Checking the chassis, ensuring the body screws are tight, and ensuring the condition of the cable grommets

·        Finally, we give the mower a complete clean to make sure that everything inside and outside is spick and span and ready for the season ahead

·        Collection and delivery of your Automower


2017 was an incredible year for us. Some of Autolawn’s 2017 highlights include:

james and ali.jpg

·        Being featured in both Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life, and Dorset Business magazines. We really got a kick out of seeing our name in print and sharing the joys of automated lawn maintenance with a whole new audience

·        Having our advert on the Guardian website: as a small, local company this was a real achievement

·        Attending the Henley Show, which was an incredible event despite the rain. We so enjoyed meeting many of you and showing off Robbie the show-bot, who delighted show-goers old and young by bumbling around his little pen, quietly getting the job done

·        Robomow’s release of the RX series, designed so that people with smaller gardens can enjoy the benefits of robotic mowers. The RX20 has been particularly popular

·        The release of the Honda 3000 Model

·        The continued success of the Husqvarna 450x, which remains the most popular, most hard-working machine we offer

Phew, what a fantastic year! But there’s yet more to come in 2018:

·        Autolawn has just been interviewed on Radio Marlow on January 24th

·        Moving into our new office/workshop at Temple Farm near Marlow

·        Husqvarna introducing the all new 315X, 520 & 550 models to the their Automower family, and making the Bluetooth Connect@HOME app standard on the 300-400 series models



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A little thank you…

As a new, local company, with innovative new products, we couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction to the sales, service and aftercare we provide, and we are delighted to have welcomed so many people into the Autolawn family.

A huge thank you for your support throughout last year and, we hope, many more years to come.

Get in touch now to book your service! And we wish you all a fantastic 2018!