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New Husqvarna Models for 2018

World leader in robotic mower manufacturing, Husqvarna, have released two new models for 2018, and needless to say, we’re just a teensy bit excited about them.



The 315x has built in connectivity (allowing you to control your mower from anywhere), is capable of mowing lawns up to 1600m2 and can navigate slopes of up to 40%. With its stunning good looks and advanced features, it’s already making waves in the industry. Let’s delve a little deeper…


The 315x has connectivity as standard, allowing users to control and track their mower from their smartphone. You can see your mowers current status and send it start, stop and park commands, as well as configure mowing schedules remotely.

GPS assisted navigation creates a map of the garden, allowing it to steer around tricky gardens with ease, and with automatic passage handling, corridors as narrow as 60cm are no problem.

But the intelligence doesn’t end there. With a rain, sun and growth sensor the mower adapts to the actual growth rate of the lawn, ensuring more regular cutting during warm and wet weather, and less when it’s dry and the grass isn’t growing.


Slope and balance control give the mower better traction on steep slopes and automatically detect imbalances for trouble free operation. And with LED headlights which improve visibility in the dark, you can wake up to a beautiful lawn every day.

The 315x is one of Husqvarna’s most advanced domestic mowers, and with so many premium features as standard, we know it will become one of our bestsellers.



500 series.jpg

Venturing into the commercial world for the first time, Husqvarna have released the 500 series, specially developed for large public or commercial spaces. With the ability to tackle spaces of up to 5000m2 and a Fleet Management System which allows managers to control all the mowers in the fleet, this sustainable solution to green space management is sure to be a big hit with organisations who have their eye on the environment as well as their bottom line.

Mowers in the 500 series are capable of navigating slopes of up to 45% and have an area capacity of 208m2 an hour.

With their super silent operation, the 500 series will not disturb residents or park users, even during the night.


Landscaping companies are now able to focus on the more time-consuming jobs such as hedge trimming and tree care, while the 500 series takes care of the lawns. By adding an unlimited number of mowers to the fleet, the mowers can tend huge public spaces and quickly and efficiently be controlled by one person remotely. By using the Fleet Services portal, managers can plan maintenance as well as track the location and status of any mower in the fleet.


Heavy on features such as Penta-search (using five different methods to find charging stations) and triple guide wires (for maximum flexibility in complex areas), automatic passage handling (allowing the mower to cope with even the trickiest passages) and weather timer (which adapts the mowing frequency according to the weather), the 500 series is also of course fitted with GPS navigation as standard, allowing the mower to create a detailed map around the mowing area for more precise mowing.

The ultimate solution to commercial lawn maintenance, the 500 series is already causing a stir in the industry, proving yet again that Husqvarna are the ones to watch in garden machinery.


If you would like any more information on how either the 315x or the 500 series could give you more freedom in the garden, or indeed about any of our other models, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!