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How to Avoid Annoying your Neighbours this Autumn

Ah, autumn. With honey and scarlet covered leaves we all love to frolic in, sadly we are often unable to enjoy the satisfying crunch due to noise and air pollution.


While autumn is undeniably the most beautiful season of the year, with leaves changing colour and carpeting the ground with their crunchy loveliness, it doesn’t last long before someone ruins the peaceful moment by dragging out their noisy, stinky leaf blower. But leaf blowing is a necessary evil, as well as making the place look neat and tidy, removing fallen leaves allow sunlight to get to your lawn, encouraging it to grow and stay healthy.

Leaf blowers have got a bad rap in the past. Their petrol motors can be very noisy and using one can quickly make you the most unpopular person on your cul-de-sac. Also, while leaf blowing allows you to quickly and efficiently clean up debris from your lawn, drive, patio and other areas, the emissions from a petrol leaf blower can have a significant effect on the environment.

Enter the battery powered cordless leaf blower. Manufacturers have cottoned on the fact that leaf blowing is one of the most antisocial of all gardening jobs and are looking at ways to reduce noise and impact to the environment.


The latest Husqvarna leaf blowers are specially designed to produce less noise to enable longer (and less intrusive) working hours, as well as the possibility to work in noise sensitive and noise restricted areas.


Battery leaf blowers do not emit the same the pollution as found with petrol leaf blowers and in many cases are just as powerful, enabling you to tidy up your garden quickly, without annoying your neighbours.

Talk to us today about our Husqvarna leaf blowers, or other battery powered garden tools! Battery power provides an environmentally friendly solution to maintaining your lawn and garden.

Enjoy autumn! 🍂