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Its Sleepytime! How to put your Garden to Bed

With all the weird weather we’ve had this year, our poor old gardens don’t know whether they’re coming or going. Is it actually autumn? Or did that start happening weeks ago? No one truly know, least of all our trees, hedges and lawns. Still, time waits for no man, and like a difficult child who thrives on regular bedtimes, our gardens love routine whatever the weather. So, with the calendar speedily flipping towards the end of the year, we really need to get to grips with putting the garden to bed in anticipation of the cold winter months.


Tree maintenance

It is important to deal with any new growth or unstable branches on your trees before things get too blustery. Battery powered chainsaws can be just as powerful as their petrol counterparts, but much lighter, quieter and more convenient.

Ensure that you wear suitable safety equipment and consult with a professional before attempting to tackle any large branches or trees.


Clear up fallen leaves

Clearing up fallen leaves as they come down will save you a lot of work later in the season when it rains more frequently. A battery powered leaf blower is the fastest and most convenient way to stay on top of the stragglers. You can either bag up the leaves and take them to your nearest garden waste recycling centre or use them to make compost.


Trim hedges

Give your hedges one last haircut to keep them looking neat and tidy throughout the winter. This is a job that you don’t want to leave until October, because newly clipped shoots are easily damaged by frost. A battery powered hedge trimmer is a lighter and more nimble option for giving hedges a trim, whether it is formal box hedging or more laid-back privet.


Give the lawn some TLC

Reduce cutting frequency as we get into October, and the final cut will probably happen in November. Never mow lawns with frost on them (this will damage the grass), and ensure that you increase cutting height, now is not the time for a drastic cut! Just top the grass to keep it looking neat. It is also a good idea to apply a grass fertiliser in October to strengthen it throughout the winter.


Get all these jobs done now and your garden will wake up much happier in the Spring 😃