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Cub Cadet is Here!

Autolawn are proud to introduce Cub Cadet to our range of supplied manufacturers!


Cub Cadet have been designing garden machinery since 1961 and have built a solid reputation in the United States for innovation and quality, which Autolawn is now bringing to the UK!

Their high-quality robotic lawnmowers are an exciting edition to our lawnmower line up, and we can’t wait to begin installing them for our customers. Autolawn have been fully trained in the installation of Cub Cadet machines, which have been designed and manufactured for long service, and with customer needs in mind.

The XR series caters for lawns from 500m2 to a massive 5000m2 and are all driven by high powered lithium batteries.

The XR1 is perfect for smaller gardens is a compact solution to keep your lawn trim, and with a 180-minute running time it will whip your garden into shape in no time. It can handle inclines and complicated gardens too, with a 15% incline and up to 5 zones (1 main zone, 2 sub zones, 2 separate zones).

The XR2 range is good for gardens up to 2000m2. A unique edge mode ensures that absolutely every edge is mown, eliminating the need for an edge trimmer. The spiked wheels are specially designed to ensure that they can manoeuvre well even on wet grass.

The XR3 range are for those with larger gardens of up to 5000m2. Comprising two separate models, both mowers in the range operate at 2 x 200 watts and are extremely durable. Operating within areas of up to 7 zones (1 main zone, 4 sub zones and 2 separate zones) the XR3 range is the perfect solution for those with larger, more complicated gardens.

Look out for Cub Cadet on our website soon, and as always, feel free to give us a call if you have any queries at all.


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