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The New Husqvarna 435X AWD can Tackle Extreme Slopes of up to 70%!

We just can’t wait to get our hands on Husqvarna’s exciting new 435X!

Combining AI, all-wheel drive and smart home connectivity, as well as the ability to handle rough terrain and steep slopes, the 435X is undoubtedly Husqvarna’s most advanced robotic lawnmower to date.



This is an entirely new take on the robotic lawnmower. Most designs in recent years have taken the well-trodden path of featuring a combined unit, but Husqvarna have thrown out the design rule book with this one and have created a new two-part design. With two bodies that connect in the middle via a lightweight but super sturdy magnesium bridge, this new design improves traction and agility (while making it look totally cool and futuristic).

Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers are all capable of tackling complicated gardens, but this new model opens the door for those who have an “it’s complicated” situation in their garden coupled with a super steep incline.

Equipped with a new remote object detection feature, the 435X will slow down whenever it senses an object close by, to avoid fast impacts. As with all Husqvarna models, the machine will stop when it is picked up or turned over and has a rubber bumper to reduce impact.


The 435X can be controlled remotely using your smartphone and the Husqvarna Connected app, where you can also change the height of cut, check which areas have been mowed and schedule mowing times.


Husqvarna recently announced that voice commands have been added to their other models and of course the 435X is no exception, you can control your robotic lawnmower through Google Home and Alexa.



Husqvarna haven’t forgotten about keeping those techies among us happy, by create an open API channel for designing custom programmes through IFTTT. And the 435X also integrates with Gardena SmartSystem, so you can control mowing and irrigation from one location.

The innovative design and advanced features of the 435X represents a new generation of robotic lawnmowers, where sleek design, connectivity and convenience truly reflect the capabilities of technology today.




Available from Autolawn from mid-April onwards, we just can’t wait to get our hands on one! Watch this space for news and updates!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want more info on the 435X or any other robotic lawnmower models!