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Top 6 Myths about Robotic Lawn Mowers – Uncovered

Robots are going to take over the world! Run!

Actually, they’re not. Well not yet anyway. And if they do, it won’t be a lawn mower (in the artificial intelligence stakes, it’s more likely to be a fridge).

Robotic lawn mowers are still seen a new invention, despite being around for over a decade. And, being new, there are lots of myths flying around about them.

Get ready to hear the truth.

Myth 1 – Robotic Lawn mowers are expensive

Before doing any research, most people assume that robotic lawn mowers are expensive. You have the machine itself and as all that complicated technology. That’s got to be expensive, right?

Yes and no. Yes, they feel like a bigger investment at the outset. But a robotic mower isn’t much more expensive than a quality standard mower.  Add up the cost of petrol, oil, plus your time (the most valuable part of all) and a robotic mower soon pays its own way. And the costs are dropping as manufacturers hone their expertise. Don’t write off a robotic lawn mower on cost alone.



We will forgive you for thinking that a silly little robot is only able to tackle simple square lawns. Especially when you don’t understand how they work. But allow us to correct you. The truth is, robotic lawn mowers can cope with any garden, no matter how intricate, and it’s all in the way they work.

The secret is the perimeter wire. This goes around your entire garden, including any obstacles (flower beds, sheds etc). Your mower will mow everywhere within that wire. So, the only limit on where it can mow is your imagination and creativity.



Having a sloping garden can cause all manner of problems to its owners. You can’t play football, planting is tricky, the trampoline is unsafe. But a sloping garden is no match for robotic lawn mowers, they can tackle gradients with ease.

In fact, many robotic lawn mowers can cope with slopes of up to 45%, this is more than a ride on mower can handle safely.

There is a robotic lawn mower to suit all sizes, shapes and manner of gardens. Including ones which you might struggle to mow yourself.



So, what’s stopping someone from wandering past your garden and taking the mower with them? Most mowers have a security device which renders it useless if taken off the premises. Add that to the fact that a mower won’t work without it’s perimeter wire and docking station and you have a pretty secure unit.

Some mowers even having a tracking device. So, in the unlikely event that someone does attempt to steal it, you can track it down like a bloodhound.



A common misconception of robotic mowers is that they are remote controlled. If you still have to “drive” the mower yourself, you might as well get on and do it with a standard mower.

But this is one of the biggest myths of all! Once you install your mower, there is very little left for you to do. The mower will go about its job with little or no input from you.

Robotic lawn mowers are self-driving, so you don’t need to control where it goes. The perimeter wire does that for you. All robotic lawn mowers are also mulchers. They cut the clipping up into tiny pieces and deposit them back into the lawn so you don’t have to deal with them. Some mowers even have a scheduling feature so you can set it to mow whenever is convenient for you. Some mowers do have a remote-control feature, helpful if you want to play driver. But as a rule, they don’t need any help from you.



We’ve all seen the science fiction films and heard the cry “robots are taking over the world”! The truth is that a robotic lawn mower has no more intelligence than a standard mower. It just has a different “brain”.

Robots only work with human interaction. In the case of robotic lawnmowers, this is in the programming and scheduling itself. After this, it works on its own. But it’s only doing what you have told it to do. There is no doubt that robotic lawn mowers are very innovative and clever. But your robotic lawn mower could no more takeover than your washing machine.

Sure, robotic lawn mowers are an alien concept to many, but to us they are simply a tool like any other. A pretty awesome one, but a tool nonetheless.


We would love you to join the rest of the people who have seen the freedom and joy a robotic lawn mower can provide. Have a look at our range or contact us for more info.