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Robomow RX Series – Good Things really do come in Small Packages

Thought your garden was too small to justify the cost of a robotic lawn mower? Well you’re in luck. Robomow have answered the prayers of those with small gardens and even smaller budgets by creating the Robomow RX, an entry level robotic mower with the same Robomow quality at a bargain price.

Aww look how cute they are! Puppies and kittens have nothing on these adorable little machines. With a cutting width of up to 18cm and an average work time of up to 2 hours, this little beauty will take your #lawngoals to the next level!


Just released for the new season in 2017, the RX series is sure to start the robot revolution!


It’s no secret that here at Autolawn we love robotic lawn mowers (obviously), but we are also very aware that these little guys are an alien concept to many people in the UK. Despite their huge popularity throughout the rest of Europe, us Brits have been relatively slow to catch up with the tech.

Lack of knowledge, worries that we’re all getting too reliant on tech (oh no I have more time to myself, what shall I do?) and myths about how effective they are (spoiler alert, very) have made people wary of jumping on the robotic bandwagon.


But remember, once upon a time the only option for a perfect lawn was a pair of scissors (slow) or part share in a goat (messy), and a lawn mower seemed weirdly space age. Then suddenly, everyone had one. 50 years later and mowers were perfectly common. Now you drag out your mower without a second thought. And that my friends, is progress.

And the RX series represents one of those big leaps in the progress of the robotic lawn mower industry, by making the technology accessible to those with smaller gardens.

Anyway, enough nerding about lawn mower history. Let’s move on to the juicy stuff.


The Robomow RX has an 18cm cutting blade, which, when you compare it to Robomow’s RC and RS series at 28cm and 56cm respectively, you can see that the RX truly is the baby of the family. The entry level RX12u is perfect for lawns of up to 150m2 while the slightly more powerful RX20u can go up to 200m2. This makes it so much more accessible to those of us with small gardens who previously might have felt that getting a robotic lawn mower was akin to mowing our tiny lawns with a ride on. The RX series is specifically designed for us (yay!).

All robotic lawn mowers mulch the clippings into tiny pieces which are released back onto the surface of the lawn. This makes the perfect fertiliser, resulting in a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Both models have identical mowing capabilities, with a cutting height of 15-45mm, 100watts of power and can cope with slopes of up to 15%. They are each equipped with a robust lead acid battery, child lock, floating deck (which enables them to cope with lumps and bumps in the lawn) and a charging unit.

And of course, being Robomow, they are both able to cut right up to the edge of your lawn (put that grass trimmer DOWN).

The difference between the two models are in the ability to schedule which you get with the RX20u, as well as android app connectivity and being able to mow in up to 5 zones. The RX20u also has a security key which renders the device useless if removed. The RX12u is still convenient though, with a brilliant touch and mow button. Just hit go when you want to mow!


Now, maybe I’m biased, because Robomow has always had a special place in my heart but this has to be the more adorable lawn mower I’ve ever seen.

Both the RX12u and the RX20u are just 53 x 42 x 26 cm and weigh in at a waif like 7.5kg. You can tuck the charging base away in a flower bed and no one will know it’s there. But I think these are so pretty you’ll want everyone to see it. Finished in the trademark Robomow green and with chunky all terrain wheels, the RX series is cute as a button.


Small gardens of up to 200m2, and, as long as it is installed correctly, it will cope with any number of obstacles; such as sheds, trampolines and flower beds.



The RX series is the perfect entry level mower for those with smaller gardens who want to have a lovely lawn with less effort, and all the proof we need that good things come in small packages.

We love robotic lawn mowers and could talk about them all day! If you would like any more information please feel free to get in touch!