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Introducing our new team member

We have big news here at Autolawn with a new addition to our team!

The new recruit is already fitting in perfectly at HQ and we’re sure he’s going to be a hit with our customers with his playful, friendly yet down to earth attitude. 

Teddy is already excelling in his role as Deputy Head of Installations – his ability to survey every inch of a garden in record time is second to none! And, although we’re already using one of the best cable laying machines in Europe, his natural enthusiasm for digging means he has the perfect skill set to oversee our team carrying out the installation process for our perimeter cables.

Teddy has already established his favourite mower, he’s a firm fan of the Husqvarna Automower 450X, and loves nothing more than to follow the progress of all our installations when we run an installation check or service (supervised of course!). Although he’s sometimes a little frustrated by their lack of response when he wants to play!

It’s great for all of us here to have a team member who’s more on a level with our machines though and Teddy certainly offers a different insight into the mix!

He’s the perfect company for James when he’s at the office, and always has a welcoming hug for everyone, he never disagrees with anyone’s ideas and, most importantly, there’s no risk he’s going to take all the good biscuits! 

Jokes aside, I’m sure you’ll join us in welcoming our new puppy, Teddy. At only 5 months old our beautiful terrier is already the perfect companion to have around both at work and at home where chilling on the sofa with a cuppa and a dog chew is often the order of the evening after a long day of garden assessments and robotic mower installations!

Be sure to stop and say hello if you see him on a visit and, if you are lucky enough to get to see him, we hope you’ll love our new recruit just as much as we do! 


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