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Why National Lawn Care Month is actually really Exciting

Stop the press! Bring out the fanfare! April is National Lawn Care month in the USA!

Ok, ok, so it might not seem not particularly exciting. And it’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic. But we Brits do love to copy the Americans. And when you consider that your lawn is just coming into its growing season, it’s an important time for lawn lovers everywhere. We could do worse than take an entire month to focus on our lawns.

The increase in temperature and more daylight hours in April means that our lawns are jumping into life and beginning to grow ready for the hot (we hope) and dry (we hope) long days of summer. Taking some time now to give your lawn some TLC will ensure a lusher, greener lawn during the summer months.

April is the time to…

1.      FEED

Use a commercial lawn fertiliser when it is due to rain. This will ensure all the nutrients get into the soil and help the lawn grow stronger.

2.      AERATE

Loosen compacted soil and encourage better drainage and healthier roots by aerating the soil using either a garden fork or an aerator.

3.      MOW

Awaken your lawn with the first cut of the season. But be gentle and set your mower to the longest cutting height, gradually increasing the amount each time you mow. This will encourage new growth. Your robotic lawnmower can take care of this for you.


It can be hard to get back into the garden after the long winter months. But take care of these few tasks now and you will be glad you did. A little bit of extra work and you will be rewarded with a soft and healthy lawn for the whole summer.