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The Future just Arrived and Yes, Its Battery Powered

Battery power is fast replacing petrol and corded as the power of choice for gardeners. But why should we make the switch to cordless garden tools?



The hassle of petrol (going off to the petrol station to buy petrol, mix with oil etc etc) and the impracticality of corded (where did I put that extension lead? The cord keeps getting in my way. Oops I just cut through the cord), simply cannot compete with the ease of battery power. Not having to add fuel or fight with a cord makes garden jobs a breeze. And, if you remember to charge your battery (and look after it), batteries provide an instant, long lasting and hassle-free way of getting your hedges and edges trimmed, leaves blown, and logs cut.


Battery powered tools are usually far quieter than their petrol-powered counterparts. From robotic lawnmowers that mow so silently they can do so at night without disturbing your neighbours, to whisper quiet edgers, battery power also cuts down on the bone rattling vibrations you expect from petrol. Cordless garden tools allow you to keep your gardens without the assault on the ears and muscles traditionally associated with other forms of power.




We all know the damage that chugging out petrol fumes are doing to our environment. Rechargeable batteries, as used in battery powered garden tools, produce no fumes and do not contribute to the whacking great hole in the ozone layer. A win for your garden and an emission free win for the environment too.


Cordless technology is a growing industry. With companies such as Ego leading the pack in the research and development into new and exciting battery powered tools, cordless tools are no longer considered the less powerful option. On the contrary, quality battery tools pack a powerful punch.


Trust us, once you make the switch to battery powered garden tools you won’t look back. And if you have any queries about cordless garden tools we’re always here to help!