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What Is Mulching?


It might sound like something a giraffe does when he eats, but it’s actually a really important part of keeping your lawn healthy.

Mulching is, in simple terms, the process of using garden waste as a fertiliser for the rest of your garden. In the case of lawnmowers, it is used to fertilise the lawn itself.

A typical half acre lawn can create up to 4.5 tonnes of waste each season. That’s a lot of clippings to deal with, whether you put them in your garden waste collection box or compost them. Grass clippings are heavy and cumbersome to transport, and emptying a clippings box means stopping the mower and dealing with them before you can move on. It takes time and energy away from you and adds a whole heap of work to your mowing routine, sometimes more than the mowing itself.

All robotic lawn mowers are mulchers, which mean that they deal with the clippings themselves so you don’t have to. The 3000-4000rpm blade cuts the clippings into tiny pieces and deposits them back onto the lawns surface, where it sinks to the lawn bed and provides nutrients and protection for the roots. This leaves you with a beautifully neat and nourished lawn.

Fertilising your lawn with grass clippings is a no cost way to treat your lawn. There is no need to buy expensive products to keep your lawn healthy. Grass clippings are a high nitrogen fertiliser, comparable to, if not better than, any fertiliser you might buy at your garden centre. The complex feed of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other essential nutrients is the perfect combination for your grass to maintain a lush, green lawn. Using grass clippings in this way is far more environmentally friendly and safer for you and your garden than covering it with chemicals.

Most regular lawn mowers do not cut the clippings small enough to properly mulch, which can suffocate the lawn and lead to thatching, moss and other lawn problems which you don’t want to have. Robotic lawn mowers are specifically designed so that the clippings are at the optimum size to create the perfect mulch, leaving barely any trace of them behind. And because they are so small, the chances of them gathering on your shoes and walking them into the house are slim. 

In order for mulching to be most beneficial, it is best if the lawn is cut regularly. A robotic lawn mower can be set to mow your lawn as regularly as you need it to, which means that the mulching process is optimum for your lawn health. As well as keeping your lawn looking neat on the outside, the inside is also healthy… beauty comes from within!

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