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Typical charging time – 60 min
Typical mow time on one charge – 70 min
Mean energy consumption at maximum use – 5 kWh
Mean energy consumption at maximum use – 600 m²
Power consumption during cutting – 20 W

Working area capacity (±20) – 600 m²
Charging system – Automatic
Maximum incline within the working area – 22 °

Cutting system – 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting width – 22 cm
Cutting height max – 50 mm
Cutting height min – 20 mm

Product size Height – 25 cm
Product size Length – 57 cm
Product size Width – 43 cm

Keypad – 19 buttons
Information panel – LCD display
Timer – Yes
Handle type – Integrated
Alarm – Medium
PIN code – Yes
Installation lock – No
Remote Text Message – No
GPS Theft Tracking: No
Lift sensor – Yes
Tilt sensor – Yes
Ultrasonic sensor – No
Extra blades – 3 pcs
Loop wire – 0 m
Staples – 0 pcs

Sound and Noise
Sound Level Guaranteed – 59 dB(A)

Husqvarna 305 Automower


The Husqvarna 305 Automower, provides an affordable and robust robotic lawnmower for lawns of up to 600m2, which makes it perfect for the average UK garden.

Easy to operate and super manoeuvrable, the 305 has simple keypad operation onboard as well as Bluetooth® connection from Automower® Connect@Home, allowing you to control the mower directly from your smartphone. With three razor sharp blades, the 305 mulches the clippings, not only removing the need to deal with a pile of grass cuttings, but also providing a high-quality fertiliser. This leaves your lawn beautiful, as well as healthy, with no intervention from yourself. A built-in weather timer adjusts the mowing according to the rate of grass growth, increasing its mowing during peak growth periods and restricting it during slow growing times; your lawn will look trim and healthy all year round. The 7-day timer also gives you the freedom to choose when you want your mower to cut your grass, and the quiet motor means that it won’t disturb you or your neighbours, whatever time of day it’s in operation.

The Husqvarna 305 is fitted with an anti-theft alarm including a lift and tilt sensor and pin code. The 305 is weatherproof as are all Husqvarna models, but the 305 is the first Husqvarna model which can be hosed off for easy cleaning.

Capable of maintaining lawns up to 600m2 the Husqvarna 305 can also handle slopes with an incline of up to 40%. With a typical charging time of only 60 minutes and the patented Husqvarna automatic passage handling, this is affordable Husqvarna quality for smaller yet complex domestic gardens. If you have a larger garden, please see the other models.