Belrobotics Are Big News!!

Put on a parade, call the town crier, read all about it… Autolawn are now an accredited dealer of Belrobotics Robotic Lawnmowers!

This is so exciting for us here at Autolawn! While Belrobotics are new to us, they have been leading the charge in commercial and large area robotic lawn mowing since 2002.

When we decided that we wanted to partner with a commercial robotic lawnmower manufacturer, they were our first choice due to their reliability, user experience and easy maintenance.

Belrobotics is part of the Yamabiko group, and Belrobotics is based in Belgium. They specialise in continuous innovation in garden machinery, offering robust machines which keep larger lawns in perfect condition for aesthetic as well as practical purposes.

In fact, Belrobotics are trusted by world renowned sports teams to keep their playing areas perfect! You can’t go wrong.

Belrobotics are just the start of things to come in 2021, we have a number of new manufacturers coming on board this year. This is so that we can continue to serve our customers and offer them the best choice for their particular lawn.

Autolawn are always here to provide robotic lawnmower advice and guidance and give you complete freedom from the chore of mowing your lawn.

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